THE BAND: The Obsessed was formed in the late 1970’s in Potomac, Maryland by legendary guitarist Scott “Wino” Wenrich (Saint Vitus/Spirit Cara- van). The band spawned in the realm of artists such as Black Sabbath, Frank Zappa, The Dictators and The Stooges.

THE SONG: Hear an exclusive preview track, “Haywire,” from THE OBSESSED ‘s new album, Sacred, at

THE BEER:  Axes of Evil was Gigantic’s third beer EVER and first collaboration with 3 Floyds of Munster, Indiana. It is fitting that this beer should be one of our first “Greatest Hits”- fans have been begging for  its return since the day it sold out.  In acquiescence to popular demand and the special place this beer holds in our dark hearts, we’ve once again released this weapon of mass distraction on the world. Citrus, floral and tropical hoppiness lead to full malt flavour from proper English malt, kilned over Welsh coal. Brewed for those of us that live and die in the Timbers Army and Section 8.

label art by Jay Howell 

THE ALBUM: In April 2017, THE OBSESSED will un- leash Sacred, produced by Portland’s Relapse Records. It is the band’s first studio album in over 20 years.THE OBSESSED sounds heavier andmore relevant than ever before. On Sacred, the band doubles down on enormous, heaving riffs and pum- meling low-end doom. Rounded out by Wino’s lyrical honesty and iconic throaty vocals, Sacred is an album that further pushes THE OBSESSEDinto the annals of heavy metal history.

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