About the Music: Portland's Willamette Week named Chanti Darling "Best New Band" in 2016 and declared them citizens of an R&B "...world where Michael Jackson never died, disco never went out of style, and the night never ends." 

Chanticleer Trü would like you to know that “RNB ain’t no joke.” As frontman of Portland, OR retrofuturist electro-soul adepts Chanti Darling, Trü drinks deeply from the sacred founts of Disco, Boogie Funk, and the dizzying universe of house music. Teasing out the essential filaments, Trü weaves a sound that nods to the past as it blasts into the future; urgent, irresistible, and absolutely of the moment. 

Listen now to the track "Casual"
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About the Beer: Our one true goal in this beer was to work magic using citra and mandarina hops to create a juicy and citrusy hazy ipa that is endlessly delicious.  You'll taste huge fresh squeezed citrus with notes of kumquat, passion fruit and orange peel.  

About the Artist: Jaime Zacarias (aka Germs) is seemingly infected with an innate ability to channel the spirits or our Surrealist predecessors, slapping our eyeballs with his grotesque yet amusing iconography and ameoba-like characters while simultaneously referencing Post-Chicano culture and imagery.   He is know for cleverly stylized Luchador masks given life by their protruding tentacles, surrounded by floating amoebas that playfully flirt with their viewers' imaginations. 

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