Gigantic Brewing Company's Phase One Opening Plan and Procedures

Welcome to Covid-19 Phase One at Gigantic 

TAPROOM AND CHAMPAGNE ROOM (SE STEELE) Hours:  M-W 3:00–9:00  and Th–Su 2:00-9:00.  

ROBOT ROOM (NE GLISAN) 12-8PM DAILY. limited seating for "for here" draft consumption. Seating at the Robot Room is first come, first serve and is shared by all the businesses at Rocket Empire Machine. Gigantic has two indoor tables in our taproom space.

You'll find things operate a little differently around here to protect your health and that of our employees.   Please, please, please read this whole post and play along nicely when you come to Gigantic.

First – Let’s all be nice and respectful of each other.  We’ve all been through a lot and the new health and social distancing requirements are going to take some getting used to.  For eight years we’ve tried to foster a real sense of community at Gigantic and if that spirit is going to continue, we all need to be cool to each other.  Thank you.

Second - We respectfully ask that you wear some sort of mask at Gigantic any time you are not at a table.  We’ll have masks for you if you don’t have one.  Whereas you may feel comfortable without a mask, please remember that our employees see many, many people per day and are therefore exposed to much more risk than many of you.  We will do everything we can to protect your health, please give us the same courtesy.  

Third – Our original SE Steele tap room space has been reorganized with proper social distancing in mind for you to come in, order beer and get a table.  It’s a little different, but we’re trying to have as safe a flow of people into and out of Gigantic as we can.  You’ll still come in, get to say hello to the bar staff, and order a beer (for drink in or to bottles to go).  You’ll pay for that first beer (or to go beer) at the bar, and then someone will seat your group at a table if you’re staying.  Please note that goes for seats inside as well as outside on the main patio, or our new patio area on the South side of the building.  Please do not sit down at a table unless directed – we need to sanitize the table, seats and anything else on the table between groups.


Fourth – Sadly, there is no longer any bar seating per phase one (and two) rules, and our original tap room space is too small for us to accommodate any seating.  To ensure new social distancing requirements are followed, everyone will be required to be seated at a table unless they are getting a beer or using the restrooms.  Again, we ask that everyone wear a mask unless they are seated at a table.


Fifth – To prevent a big line at the front, once you’re at your table you’ll order beers (and pay for them) from there, all through the magic of your phone.  You don't need an app or a special payment system- the ordering is done directly through our Point of Sale system. Beers will be delivered to a “station”, your name will be called and you’ll mask up and pick them up.  This will all be explained when you are seated at a table.  We’ll also have hand sanitizer at each bus station for your use. (Also, we now have bus stations!! So exciting.)

We’ve missed you all and are excited to see every one of you.  We will get used to these temporary measures, and once they’re finally lifted we will be right there with you, raising a pint.  Thanks for understanding.  Thanks for playing along.  And thanks for being part of Gigantic, whether we know your name, birthday and kids names, or if this is your first time with us.  We can’t do this without you.

Thank you.