HELLBOY BEERS- National Release Information

Hello.  We know you really want some Hellboy Beer, and we're going to tell you your best bet for getting some. 

If you live in OR, WA, CA, or BC, go here for distribution information. If you live anywhere else, please keep reading.

If you live outside the US, we are sorry but this beer does not have any international distribution (except BC).

Because of national and state liquor laws, Gigantic is NOT able to ship beer directly to anyone, and all beer sales must go through a distributor or be made in person at our taproom. Unfortunately, once the distributor has the beer we have no specific knowledge of where it ends up for sale.  Regrettably, this means we can't tell you exactly where to get a bottle.  You're gonna have to do a little detective work.

The fifth beer, Blood Queen cranberry yuzu sour, will be available for distribution at the beginning of  September and will be released in our tap room on Friday, September 13th,  It could take longer than that for it to show up in your local store, so be a little persistent.

We have an updated list (3/18) of distributors by state.  You have two choices for tracking down the beer. 1. Contact your local bottle shop to find out if they will be getting Hellboy from the appropriate distributor in the list below. 2. Check the distributor's website and see if they have a list of retail outlets served and start calling the ones closest to you.  You can try contacting the distributor directly, but your best bet is to find the place that will be selling it to the public.

12% (NYC/NJ)
Northeast (CT)
Legends (MD)
Craft Brewers Guild (MA)
Specialty (VA)
South Portland Wines (ME)
C+C (RI)
Rafa (SC)
Savannah (GA)
Millennium (NC)
Dauntless (KY)
Delirium (TN)
Int Wines (AL)
Southern Eagle (LA)
Steel City (Western PA)
31st & Wharton (Eastern PA)
Abu Nawas (IA)
Speakeasy (KS)
Clear River (MN)
Craft Republic (MO)
Natural State Wines (OH)
Beer Connect (AZ)