About the Band: Hosannas was formed by singer/guitarist brothers Brandon Laws and Richard Laws in Portland, OR, in 2007.  After a couple of band member additions and subtractions, the indie rock group now consists of the two Laws brothers. Their upcoming album, “Picture Him Protecting You” is the first release from the band operating as a duo.

The Laws brothers grew up listening to Kraftwerk and The Beach Boys, and these disparate influences are at the core of the duo’s haunting vocal harmonies, rich verbal imagery and unpredictable guitar. The band’s influences are as diverse as their instrumentation; comfortable mixing Bollywood samples with tin-foil piano, hushed a cappella harmonies, tribal crescendos, and thick, warm, over-driven guitar.

More at: hosannas.bandcamp.com

Listen Now to the track "Guitar Cop" at https://soundcloud.com/freshselects/hosannas-guitar-cop-gigantic-brewing/s-wUXp4

About the Beer:  Sure, the old breed made IPA, but with today’s high fidelity hops, we bring you flavors that have more tweet from the tweeters and more woof from the woofers. So sit back, turn on the high-fi, and see where it takes you. Bright citrus hops with grapefruit, pineapple and pine, finishing with light caramel malt flavors.

One of the last beers to be re-brewed in our “Gigantic’s Greatest Hits” series, High Fidelity brings in the flavor from all wavelengths. A unique combination of Simcoe and Mt. Hood provides hop perfection, while NW Pale malt and a unique crystal malt all the way from Patagonia combine for a dry finish and an overall refreshing experience.


About the Artist: Ragnar is a California based artist whose aesthetic is born at the intersection of illustration and design. His work is often some combination of the things he loves most: film noir, fashion illustration, classic cartoons, the great men’s magazine artists, mid century design and architecture, punk rock, and old Las Vegas.

His work has been collected in numerous books and can be found on television, films, apparel, toys, textiles, home goods, museums and galleries.

Brandon Ragnar Johnson’s clients include Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Gigantic, Spectrum, Legendary Pictures, DC Comics, Sony, MTV, Matel, and Bad Robot. Partners include Lamps Plus, Cranston Fabrics, Dark Horse, 3D Retro, Sin In Linen, House Of Secrets, Mead, and ACME Archives.


Instagram @BrandonRagnar