Loch Lomand We're pairing our latest bottle release, Mons Meg, with "A String" by Portland band Loch Lomond.  Enjoy Loch Lomond's post-modern folk along with a pint of Gigantic's toasty well-carmelized "wee heavy" Scotch Ale.  While it s true that neither are actually Scottish, both will help you reach the bonny, bonny, banks in your imagination. 

THE SONG: Get your free download of "A String" from the album "Pens of Spain" via Hush Records:

THE BEER: As powerful as its namesake medieval cannon, Mons Meg is brewed with rich Scottish Golden Promise malt. In true Highland fashion, we fire the kettles early for  increased carmelization and depth of flavor resulting in a toasty strong Scotch Ale.

label art by Skot Olsen @


About the Album: Pens From Spain contains elements we’ve come to love from the Portland's Loch Lomond. They're are all there, like dear old friends: engaging vocal harmonies, thoughtfully multilayered arrangements, fingerpicked guitar, chimes, bells. This time, however, drum machines and synths are back in the mix after a decade in hibernation. The title track of the same name begins with intimately paired classical guitar and bandleader Ritchie Young’s understated vocal. The bar­room style choir emerges from the distance and the song veers into unexpected territory: a vintage drum machine beat drops and dubby organs give way to disco­fall strings. The song ducks deftly between genres, nimble­footed and sure, and it’s clear that a new sense of self has emerged for Loch Lomond.

About the Artist:  Skot Olsen is known for his detailed illustrative art, often taking form in nautical, maritime and psychedelic themes.  Skot also designs tattoos and has shown his work in Los Angeles, Miami and Hamburg Germany.