Dowload the fourth track, Libre, or listen to Y la Bamba's new album Ojos Del Soul online. Go ahead, we'll wait. Now light some candles and pour yourself a snifter of pleasingly dark and slightly sweet Shazoo Milk Stout while you listen. Feel better now? 

THE ALBUM: Y La Bamba's fourth offering (released by Tender Loving Empire) is a sweeping, playful and vulnerable collection that’s ripe with both musical and personal discovery. From the intimate, contemplative verses of the Spanish-language title track to the upbeat "Libre” this is an album that’s painstakingly produced while remaining emotionally raw.  Download Libre here!

THE BEER: Gigantic Shazoo Milk Stout is a rich imperial stout with chocolate, caramel and coffee notes.  Milk sugars add the perfect amount of sweetness to the finish and add body.  Label art by illustrator Travis Millard. 

Y La Bamba is an eclectic indie folk pop band from Portland, OR lead by Luz Elena Mendoza. Both of Mendoza’s parents grew up in Mexico—Luz was born in San Francisco, then brought up in a strict Catholic household in Southern Oregon. She spent her childhood summers playing in the orchards of California's San Joaquin Valley with her cousins, and it was there that she soaked up the melodies and stories that were being told through traditional folk songs with three-part harmonies. These are sounds that remain a vital building block of the songs on Ojos Del Sol, an album which she says represents “a celebration of family and community.” But on another level, Ojos Del Sol is about Luz’s search for shared humanity outside of her own community, and for a faith that is greater than just religion.

Travis Millard is a Los Angeles based artist & illustrator exploring various oddities of the imaginative landscape.Travis has done album covers for Dinosaur Jr., The Get Up Kids, the Uncluded, Major Games, and recently a series of drawing for the Inherent Vice soundtrack. Thravis is also host of the sleeper hit video series, “Drawing Stories”. In his spare time he enjoys making pancakes for the internet.