This is our original location at 5224 SE 26th Ave. This location is 21+ only with valid ID. If you are interested in the new location on NE Glisan, go here for more info. 

We have all the things necessary to make your drinking experience complete – taxidermy, a bladed weapon and a firearm!

As of 12/3, both taprooms are open 2-8 M-F and 12-8 S/S for outdoor imbibing! Dress warmly- we have tents but heaters are not allowed according to fire code.

We are, of course, still open open daily for to-go bottles, cases and kegs. Home delivery in the Portland area is also available at this time. 

We are practicing social distancing and requiring masks in the taproom (when not at your table) so please follow the directions on the posted signs to help keep everyone safe.  We are also disinfecting surfaces and our hands regularly between customers. 

Dog owners please note: Our front patio seating has been reduced because of spacing requirements. There are currently six dog-friendly tables available, and they are first come-first served.  Unfortunately dogs are not allowed inside the building or in the new south patio area.  You are welcome to call ahead and see how many tables are open before deciding to bring your dog.  We love dogs, but this is how things have to be for now. 

Not going out? We also offer home delivery for most of Portland for the foreseeable future. 

Location: 5224 SE 26th Ave. Portland, OR 97202. Google Map it.

Phone: 503-208-3416

What’s available right now?: Check out our current bottle and tap list

Taproom FAQ:

Please see CURRENT COVID 19 RULES and PROCEDURES, they may differ from what is written below.

How can I be an excellent patio patron?

We are so happy you asked! In short, excellent patrons are polite, considerate of others and do nothing that will cause the OLCC to regret having given Gigantic a liquor license. Specifically:

  • Good patrons return empty glassware to bar, and they NEVER steal glassware.
  • They do not remove beer from the patio area (immediate zone around the picnic tables, inside the bike racks and planter boxes) lest they jeopardize Gigantic’s liquor license and its very existence. They especially do not carry beer over to the food carts or remove beer from premises under any circumstances.
  • They are understanding when the bartender asks to see every person (and their IDs if they are under 26 or look like they are) who is ordering a beer to be sure they are not under 21 or visibly intoxicated.
  • Good patrons also put cigarette butts in the butt receptacle near the planter boxes, not IN the planter boxes or on the ground. They especially do not smoke or vape marijuana on the premises, which is completely illegal and very much frowned upon by the powers that be and will get you permanently banned from Gigantic. 
  • They do not consume growlers or other alcoholic beverages not served to them by the bartender, which includes opening bottles purchased in the tap room "to go" that were not opened and served to you by the bartender.

Do you allow children/minors? In accordance with state law and our liquor license, you must be 21 or older with a valid U.S. state-issued ID or passport to be anywhere on the Gigantic Brewing premises at any time, including the patio. Unfortunately, this law includes babies of any age.

Why aren’t you open later? Our tap room is a place for grown ups to enjoy a civilized beer with friends. Closing on the early side allows us to preserve this atmosphere.

Do you have a patio? Yes. We even have umbrellas and a large year-round umbrella to keep off the rain. We also have a large-ish indoor "beer garden" area called the Barrel Room that is dry and cozy when it is raining outside. Please see question #1 above for patio etiquette.

Do you allow dogs? We allow well-behaved, quiet dogs on the front patio. Dogs MUST be on a leash. They are NOT allowed in the tap room or barrel room, or the temporary patio space to the south of the barrel room,  no matter how cute or tiny they may be.

Do you serve food? No, Gigantic does not have a kitchen and we do not serve food. You are welcome to bring a picnic, order a pizza or bring food over from the carts in the vicinity. Please note both food carts are currently closed on Sundays. BYO napkins and utensils, because we don’t have any.

Do you plan to serve food? No. We make beer for a living and have no interest in running a restaurant.

Aren’t you legally required to serve food? No, our OLCC license does not require us to serve food.

Then what do you serve? We serve all of our current beers (usually 10-12 choices) on tap as well as a guest tap or two, including a draft cider.  We also have a small but lovely selection of champagne by the bottle, and a split of Prosecco and Dear Mom rosé available for non-beer drinkers. We regret that champagne is NOT available by the glass. It is the nature of the beast. We sell several flavors of soda, kombucha and other drinks as well, and water is always free.

Do you do beer to go? Yes, we will fill your growler and we don’t care whose name is on the outside.  We also sell 500ml bottles of our beer at the tap room.

When will you bring back my favorite seasonal beer? The short answer is, “we won’t”, but sometimes they come back around so keep your eyes open.

Do you allow smoking? In accordance with state law, there is no smoking or vaping of ANY substances allowed in Gigantic Brewing or on our patio. There is a small area next to the patio where you may smoke non-marijuana containing products, but you are not allowed to remove alcohol from the patio.  Smoking or vaping marijuana on the premises will earn you a lifetime ban from Gigantic. 

Do you show Timbers Matches? We are Timbers fans and we show all Portland Timbers matches and many of the Portland Thorns matches. We can probably be talked into turning on the taproom TV for say, World Cup, Olympic Soccer, Queens Park Rangers, Accrington Stanley and various international matches. 

Do you show other sports? We do also show Blazers games and other sports on the big screen in the barrel room (not in the tap room) unless they conflict with Timbers or Thorns games. If the game isn't on when you come in, ask the bartender and they will turn it on for you- we don't automatically turn the Blazers on, especially early in the season. Exception to this rule: If any Oregon team is in a national championship game we may turn on both of the TVs if enough people are interested.