We now have dock sales for 1/6 barrel kegs! Fun fact: a 1/6 barrel is about 40 pints.

No need to call ahead unless you want to know exactly what is available- just stop by either location during regular hours. 

Our one-way 1/6th barrels are available for $85 or $99 (depending on beer selection) with no keg deposit or return. Just put the empty PET kegs out in your household recycling!  Super easy.

Tips and Important notes: The kegs do not come with a tap.  Most people are putting them in a kegerator and have their own system.  We do sell Pony Pump taps for $18. They are easy to use.  You can also rent taps from places like F.H. Steinbarts.  The kegs use a standard Sankey tap.  It is also very important to keep your keg COLD until you need it for your event.  If you don't have a large refrigerator in which to store it, we recommend picking it up as close to the time you tap it as possible.  If you are going to store it in ice to keep it cool, make sure there is ice UNDER the keg to insulate it from the ground. 

We usually have Gigantic IPA, Kölschtastic, Sassy Pony and an ever changing line up of seasonal beers.  The original location usually has a wider selection, but go ahead and call whichever location is closest to you.